BA in Applied Psychology (Online)

Advance your mind by learning how it works.

Are you interested in understanding yourself and others better—and using this knowledge to have a positive impact?

As a BA in Applied Psychology student, you will critically examine historical and contemporary perspectives on how people think, feel, and behave. You will become knowledgeable in psychological methods, and apply them to understanding human behavior in professional, family, and community settings.

You’ll be supported by faculty who have firsthand experience in the field, and by staff who are trained in supporting busy, working adults.

A Well-Rounded Curriculum

The BA in Applied Psychology curriculum consists of 120-credits (40 courses). Students can transfer up to 90-credits, which can include credit for life experience determined through a Prior Learning Assessment.

Course offerings are both theoretical and applied.

Required Psychology Courses (24 Credits)

  • PSY 1001: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 1005: Scientific Writing for the Behavioral Sciences
  • PSY 2001: Statistical Methods for Behavioral Sciences
  • PSY 2005: Quantitative Research Methods for Behavioral Sciences
  • PSY 2006: Qualitative Research Methods for Behavioral Sciences
  • PSY 2015: Psychopathology
  • PSY 2010: Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 4095: Capstone Seminar in Applied Psychology

Elective Psychology Courses (21 Credits)

Choose 7 courses from the following options:

  • PSY 3001: Psychology of Personality
  • PSY 3010: Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 3015: Forensic Psychology
  • PSY 3020: Social Psychology
  • PSY 3025: Sports Psychology
  • PSY 3030: Psychology of Identity
  • PSY 3035: Psychology of Terrorism
  • PSY 3040: Cultural Psychology
  • PSY 4001: Child and Adolescent Psychology
  • PSY 4005: Adult Development and Aging
  • PSY 4010: International Psychology
  • PSY 4015: Human Sexuality
  • PSY 4020: Psychology of Gender

General Education (42 credits)

In addition to meeting the course requirements and electives listed above, all students must also fulfill 42 credits of General Education requirements. These include courses in writing, humanities, science, and multiculturalism. These courses reflect Rosemont’s approach to a liberal arts education.

General Electives (33 credits)

The program allows for 11 elective courses, allowing students opportunities to further customize their learning. This also allows flexibility for those transferring in previous credits that may not map to the core, focus, or general education curriculum.

To learn more about the BA in Applied Psychology coursework, contact a Momentum Advisor.

Skills and Outcomes

The BA in Applied Psychology is designed to provide you with a thorough grounding in behavioral science at a practical level that will prepare you for a profession in human services or for advancement to graduate studies in counseling, education, or business. As a graduate you will be knowledgeable in:

  • Theories and research that have shaped the field of psychology.
  • Theories and models of multicultural counseling, cultural identity development, cultural diversity, social justice, and advocacy.
  • The role culture plays in shaping our thinking and perspectives.
  • Major research designs used by psychologists to answer hypotheses.
  • How to conduct a psychological literature review, and write using APA style.
  • How to integrate and apply therapeutic knowledge in an applied/clinical setting, and everyday life.

Structured to Meet the Needs of Busy, Working Adults 

  • Convenient Online Format: Courses are offered online and structured to allow you to complete coursework independently, when it’s convenient for you. 
  • Manageable Coursework: Full-time accelerated students take two courses every seven weeks.
  • Immediate ROI: Classroom learning will come to life through case studies where you’ll be encouraged to use your own job as a learning lab—which has the added benefit of reinforcing your value to your current employer. 
  • Experienced, Supportive Faculty: Our faculty are experienced professionals. They are experts in what they teach, and have strong connections in their professional communities.
  • Expand Your World: As busy adults it can be hard to expand your worldview. Rosemont attracts a diverse student body, which brings different experiences and knowledge to the classroom, providing a robust learning experience. 
  • Easy & Free to Apply: We believe a quality education should be affordable and attainable, and our application process reflects this commitment. Applying is easy, and free.