Credit-Bearing Undergraduate Certificates (Online)

Three certificates that build toward one distinctive degree.

Begin with a certificate. Build toward a degree.

Our bachelor’s degree in Global Cybersecurity is structured to allow you to stack three professional certificates together to complete your degree—but if you are not ready to commit to a full degree, you can choose an individual certificate to begin to build your professional knowledge and credentials.

Foundations of Information Security

Foundations of Information Security will give you the framework and language to understand what is considered an information security problem. This includes understanding the essential properties of information security—confidentiality, integrity, and availability—as well as ways to implement controls that ensure that network data is safe from hackers. This coursework will teach you to evaluate existing control frameworks and apply them appropriately for your corporate environment.

This certificate is comprised of four classes, for a total of 12-credits:

  • GCC 0210: Foundations of Information Security
  • GCC 0480: Global Threats and Information Security
  • GCC 0360: Cultural Implications of Information Security
  • GCC 0220: Security Organization

Foundations of Security Operations

To achieve this certificate, you will learn to assess people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor and improve an organization’s security. You’ll learn to proactively identify attacks through understanding both attack strategy and lifecycle, in addition to how to assess a possible threat. You’ll build strong network architectures designed to prevent security breaches. You’ll also develop an understanding of how to respond to attacks when they happen, including a strong foundation in planning so that incidents can be handled quickly and successfully when they occur.

This certificate is comprised of three classes, for a total of 9-credits:

  • GCC 0370: Offensive Security
  • GCC 0380: Defensive Security
  • GCC 0450: Essentials of Incident Response

Foundations of Software Security

Cybersecurity professionals have the ability to build security measures into software before it is ever subjected to hackers. Understanding how to protect information from the start of the development process all the way through the deployment of software will go a long way to making it harder for cybercriminals to access information assets. With this certificate, you’ll learn to program software securely through strong programming foundations including problem-solving during the development process, testing, threat modeling, and management of the testing process. You’ll also learn about cloud security and how to keep a software deployment secure.

This certificate is comprised of three classes, for a total of 9-credits:

  • GCC 0230: Intro to Programming in Rust
  • GCC 0390: Software Testing and Validation
  • GCC 0460: Software Development Security

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